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I have toxic black mold poisoning. Small fiber neuropathy, sick all the time, in pain all the time, barely sleep but exhausted all the time. No doctor can help me and I have known Bobbie Barbrey since he opened Medicap and trust him completely so I needed to give to a try.

I fell asleep within seconds of laying in the chair, which is unheard of. I was more relaxed than I have ever been in years, and this was my fist time. I am hoping to secure money to continue to see of it will treat what nobody else can.

It was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see be able go again.

Chelsea L.Quantum Rejuvenation, Raleigh NC

I am seeking relief from blindness. I feel a general strengthening in and around my eyes. Gradual improved in sight.

I now consider myself a veteran of the EE System visits thus far. Like many others, at different times, I’ve had the energy target specific sites around my body. Every time seems quite different.

Just as a result of my most recent visit, where I often have felt tired right after, I did not experience the tiredness.

in fact, since my most recent visit, Nov. 7, I have had so much energy throughout the day. I usually can go to bed around 8 pm or so. Now, I’m up until midnight before I even feel sleepy.

Several sessions before, I began to experience greater energy in around my eyes and that has persisted. In general, I’m feeling more energized throughout the day and can get more done.

Anjail A.Quantum Rejuvenation, Raleigh, NC

During my session I felt extremely relaxed and noticed that the energy went immediately to areas I have injured over the past few years. (a broken fifth metatarsal in my left foot which occurred over 15 years ago, then to my right breast where I had to have a lumpectomy in May 2022, and finally to my thumb where I fell last year while traveling in Ireland.). I noticed heat and pulsing at different times in all three sites. Since my treatment I have felt more energetic overall and definitely less discomfort in my left foot and thumb. I am excited about Q&R for myself, and look forward to seeing positive results for my spouse.

The center is clean, quiet, serene, and the lights are placed so that everyone gets benefits. I sat in the recliner which was extremely comfortable and fell sound asleep!
My spouse slept soundly at his second visit sitting in the recliner. He noticed some improvements in his energy the next day.

Staff members are very kind, supportive, and positive. I can't wait to return!

Cathy HQuantum Rejuvenation, Raleigh, NC

I had heard about EES and the many benefits it might provide me with. I had a knee that was hurting when I went in, making it painful to walk. Within minutes of sitting down the energy went straight to my knees resolving the pain! I then fell into a deep sleep until I got a gentle tap on my shoulder. What a wonderful contribution Lauren & Bobbie have made to our community! Let the healing begin!

LizQuantum Rejuvenation

My husband and I traveled from VA to Raleigh, NC to experience the healing energy of the EESystem. I spoke with Lauren, the owner before we made arrangements. She was very welcoming and encouraging. We are looking forward to the healing this system can bring. We had Two (2hr) sessions in two days and did the salt baths after both sessions and plan for one more this week. Anna, was there to welcome us and also very welcoming! I felt joy, happiness and pure relaxation after each treatment. It was easy to rest and nap but I just wanted to sit in the lights, connect to the energy and listen to music. We look forward to more treatments and seeing what benefits we obtain. Highly recommended!

Carolyn C.Quantum Rejuvenation
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